Although we tried to keep it low key, Jaylene was so thrilled that her graduation to grade 1 ceremony finally occurred.


We were originally going to go with the black dress she wore last year but at the last minute she heard that another graduate was going to wear an absolutely gorgeous dress, so the night before we had to come up with alternative clothing arrangements.Β  A fairy costume was deemed acceptable, it had enough pouf and it was down to the ground.Β 

Her graduating class of 5 won top prizes for cuteness and adorableness.


Notice how Jayden is right in there? He considered it necessary that he be able to sing fond farewells with the rest of the school.

I think Jaylene was excited…


Here she is with her teachers.

Mo Laushr (Mrs. Mo)

Chen Laushr (Mrs. Chen)

Huang Laushr (Miss Huang)

Tu Laushr (Miss Tu)

And her English Teacher Ivonne

After several timeconsuming tries we were able to upload several videos to Flicker You’ll probably have to go to the 2nd or 3rd page to see them. It seems as if some not nice person was stealing my computer’s power and using it to do all sorts of illegal things (like spamming and whatnot) but we’ve taken care of that now, thanks to my super computer guy Ahji (who’s not really a computer guy at all, but he managed to fix everything so I think he’s tops).