Jaylene is gearing up for graduation from Kindergarten to Grade One. She’s been choosing to make a lot of books at school. Some are just copies of her favorite story books, and others are more journalish. At home she’s been eagerly learning how to type the homerow. She has another loose tooth too.

Jayden can say “Hao” (pronounced How) which means good, okay, sure, or very, depending on the situation. He can wave goodbye and the above pose is what he’ll do if someone calls out his name. He can throw away his diaper, put his bottle in the sink and put his shoes away. Sometimes he’ll even clean up his toys. The thing that amuses us the most these days is saying “Break the pickle” and he’ll put his two index fingers together. Then we “break” them and tickle him. Then he giggles, runs away and does the whole thing by *himself*.

Ahji is getting ready for the 4km swim in the ocean event at the end of the month.  He’s also entertaining the idea of joining the ironman later on in the year so he’s been doing a lot of running and biking along with swimming.

I’m counting down the days until summer vacation!