This week’s unplugged theme was plastic. Jaylene did her brainstorming drawing and we thought of all the projects we could do with plastic. I thought perhaps shrink plastic or beaded necklaces, but Jaylene played with Perler (Fuse) beads all week. Even though she worked on several projects all week, none of them made it to the ironing phase. I made a cute little mushroom design, and discovered some surprising facts about the fairy tale red with white spot mushroom. I’ll leave you to your own research on that. It involved reindeer… Here’s a link to some of our previous perler creations here. Jaylene had a great time creating even though she didn’t complete anything. And I think that’s fine!

Anyway, seeing as how we didn’t have any “nice” finished pictures I thought I’d share pictures of an “old” plastic project we did recently… making a fort out of our plastic puzzle shaped floormats.


Jaylene did this mostly by herself, with a bit of help on the roof. She created it after Jayden went to bed.


She had some concerns about letting Jayden play, but they had good fun together in the morning, still in their pjs. That is, until Jayden tried to fix a few foundational problems he’d discovered.


Jaylene gasped for a second, and then quickly joined in the demolition. What goes up must come down, after all.