The theme for this week’s unplug your kids challenge was “Sticky” Before we decided on a project, Jaylene drew a bunch of sticky items. Some I expected like, glue and stickers, while others were a bit surprising, such as tears, lipstick and earwax. She even drew pollen and magnets. At first I thought we would make magnets, but then I decided we should use up some of the leftover felt I had from attempting to make a covering for the bookshelves in the new “playroom” to prevent the sun from bleaching all the toys and books. Well, the good news is that my attempt was so ugly, that Ahji agreed to buy curtains. hahaha Here’s the project using the leftovers… a traveling felt board with shapes made from diecuts.

Traveling Felt Board Front

We just used sticky velcro circles to attach the felt to the stationary box. It is removeable if needed. The felt shapes can be stored inside.

Traveling Felt Board