It gets hot here in Taiwan. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. So when I saw this activity to dig for frozen treasures, I knew that it would be one we would be doing over and over again this summer. We froze the first batch, and then the weather cooled down. Poor Jaylene kept asking if it was hot enough to dig for treasure. Finally I gave in this weekend, although it was just barely warm enough.

Ice Treasures 3

We just used plastic spoons and a squirt bottle with warm water for our digging instruments. I didn’t want to go any more high-tech with Jayden. As you can see, he was deliriously happy to be playing with water and ice.

Ice Treasures 2

In fact, he was so excited by this project that he couldn’t help but get closer to the action, and much to Jaylene’s delight, climbed right on inside the bucket we were using to contain the melting water.

Ice Treasures 4

They were hard at work for a looonnnnggg time (I love this activity!)
Ice Treasures 6

Although, Jaylene did take some breaks to squirt her brother under the guise of cleaning the recovered treasure.
Ice Treasures 5

We’ve already started freezing the next batch of treasure.