Thursday playgroup was at Hong Shu Lin walking through the mangrove sanctuary. I believe there’s only two or three areas in Taiwan that grows these kind of trees, but I could be mistaken. Unfortunately their little information center was closed while we were there. I fought with my camera to get some photos, it kept telling me that there was no battery left, although I’d just put in brand new batteries in the morning. I might be returning it soon… Anyway, after our delightful walk we had a yummy homemade spaghetti and pizza dinner at Chieni’s. mmmmm

Poor Jayden misses all the fun as it’s just too far to go all the way home to get him and then go out again. However, we made it up to him when we finally got home. He adores dancing these days and loves pushing the buttons on his musical toys and shaking his booty, usually to two different musical toys at one time. So tonight I got out the box of handbells and other musical instruments and let them compose their own symphony. They had a blast.

CD Cover shot

My ears cried out, they felt like they were being blasted, but I let them play as long as their interest held. Does that put me up for a Mommy award? Here’s my little Mozart. Or Bon Jovi.

Rock on

How do you deal with the sound of music in your house?  I mean, how do you encourage a love for music in your little ones?