The Library Collective had a great recipe for homemade paint the other day. You add equal parts water to cornstarch (order is important) and add food coloring.


It was a timely post as I wanted to do something for the Unplug your kids paint challenge, but I didn’t really want to break out the paint. This paint didn’t go on paper though, it went on the balcony wall.


Jaylene gave Jayden lessons, and he was an eager student.

Sister How To

Check out his technique… how does the paint brush stay there?


Shortly after the painting session started, we let Jayden follow his muse, clad only in his diapers. A good choice as he thought self-expression meant adding paint to his body. This is the look he gave me after he got caught licking the paint a few times.


Even Ahji participated in this project. It was his idea to paint a portrait of Jayden, on Jayden.

Painting Jayden

And here is the masterpiece.
The Masterpiece

Go check out what the other families did this week for the Paint weekly challenge. What painting activities do you do with your kids?