It’s been one of those days… the new windows leak, a lot. The window guy is coming when it’s sunny to put more silicone on. Hopefully he’ll drop some more daubs on the sill to match the ones he left last time.

Jaylene and I just tried to make Ahji some birthday pie. I realized that working all week, the crazy post-renovation state the house is in, and this paralyzing heat (it’s not even summer yet!) meant that I would be in no shape to actually bake something. I bought a ready made pie crust on Tuesday (expensive here in the land of non-pie) and was going to use some of the instant pudding mixes I’ve been hoarding. Easy as, well, pie!

Except now it’s Friday and the ants were marching all over the pie crust. Apparently the packaging was not ant proof. I show it to Ahji and he says, “Just kill them. And it’s okay to eat ants anyway.” Being the trooper I am, I try to wipe off the ants. But there’s too many and I drop the shell in the process. Being the smart cookie I am, I anticipated that would happen and it dropped into a carefully placed dish. I then try to pick up the pieces and wipe the ants off of each one, planning to put them in individual bowls and pouring the yet-to-be made pudding over top. There’s still too many of them. I get extremely frustrated, plant a kiss on Jaylene’s head and dump the whole thing in the garbage.

Whenever I miss whatever cullinary skills I had in Canada and try baking/cooking/just being in the kitchen, something like this happens and I give up again.