For Ahji’s upcoming birthday, Jaylene made him some windchimes. We bought the basic parts from Taiwan’s version of the dollar store, and added a little wire and a few metal letters to personalize it for him. Here’s a mini tutorial on what we did.

Gather your materials:
Windchimes, craft wire, abc charms.

For tools we used wire cutters, but strong scissors might work on the wire as well.

Then we cut a length of wire and wrapped it around the heart, to tone down the pinkness. I started it, and Jaylene did the rest.


We wanted to wrap wire around the pink ring too, but that was too fiddly so we moved on! We added the ABC charms which spell out Daddy.  I wanted to just use D-A-D, because I was worried we wouldn’t have enough string, but she insisted on adding the last two letters and it worked out just fine.  Then Jaylene made a wire heart to add to the bottom to provide weight to keep the charms in line.

Here’s the finished project.

And here it is hanging in the art room window.
You can also see our view of the rice paddies and further on, through the haze is the ocean.

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