Yesterday we went into Taipei, just further up the Tamshui river and caught a free ride.


Thank goodness I had the new camera with the 18x zoom because although I’d instructed them to paddle around to where I could catch some shots, they had a “driver” who had a set route.


Most shots are blurry, still figuring out the ropes with the new camera. But not one showed Ahji paddling! He said he just sat back, chatted and enjoyed the view.


Apparently if you have a boat, a lifejacket and a whistle, you can go for a ride on the river anytime. Ahji said the water wasn’t too bad, and he actually put his hand in it. He’s braver than I am.


Jayden was too little to go, so he had to content himself with playing with the boats on land. He wasn’t too happy in the sling while the other two went boating, which might account for the blurriness of the shots, more than my lack of expertise.

The river ride wasn’t the only thing we did yesterday, we also checked out the Mitsibushi Little Drivers exhibition, went for a bike ride and went swimming at a friend’s house. Oh and then restored the regular chaos of our house after the renovations done on Saturday (we closed in our balcony and added box windows to all the bedrooms).   What did you do this weekend?