Just added a bunch of new-to-me blogs to my Bloglines and thought you might be interested

Crafty Crow does a wonderful roundup of kids crafts.

Art Projects for kids has lots of ideas and even categorizes them by age level and artist. I really like the idea of an art group for kids.

The Artful Parent has cool interviews.

Plum Pudding has provided a lot of my clickthroughs on the Crafty Crow, so I thought I best just add her!

Jek is an unending supply of creativity and realism.

Camp Creek is completely inspiring.

With all these blogs, you’d think I wouldn’t be coveting a book, but I am. The Creative Family has received such great reviews wherever I’ve read them, that I really would like to flip through the pages myself. I’m off to see if the Taipei Library system has it. (doubtful).

Let me know which creative kid blogs/sites you like!