When I was a kid, I loved to color. One of my favorite kinds of coloring pages were the mosaic types with symbols in the middle of the spaces to tell you what color it should be. For example, color all the ones with dots red, all the ones with a dash yellow. As you colored in the code a picture would “magically” appear.  Jaylene and I have been following a similar concept in a drawing exercise.

First you scribble. I recommend that it be fairly open and use medium sized spaces. Too small or too large and it will be hard to see your picture.


Then look at your scribble from all angles until a picture pops out at you. You might need to add in a few more lines like we did with the face below.

Face Scribble

Then color in the parts of the picture.
This one is a horn
Horn Scribble
And this one is a rabbit
bunny Scribble

If absolutely no picture appears to you, then pick two or three colors and start coloring in your shapes, alternating colors. When you’re done you’ll have a funky abstract design.

If you try this activity, please drop me a line or share a scan, we’d love to see your scribble art!