I’m not a great one to tag, because I believe in Blogging without obligation

But I was tagged for 7 random things and some awards, and you’re supposed to list five bloggers with the awards, so I’m just gonna combine it all!

Far Flung craft tagged me with the seven random things, she also posted on her Simple living in Singapore blog.

I was also tagged by wonderful Carolyn for the same thing. I’ve seen some fabulous responses to this tag where they’ve illustrated their responses, and I’d love to be able to do that, but not this time!

I’ve received the
Rocking Girl Blogger
You make my day
“awards” from the very sweet and kind Li li

Recently Michael Turton listed me in his daily links. He’s got great pictures of life in Taiwan and interesting commentary. I’ve always wanted to link to his photo essay bakery post, but can never get it to work.

And Scrapbooking Hohenlohe added me as Taiwan’s representative on her world of scrapbooking. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see it under the globe. Check out all her other “diplomats”.

That should be about seven things and at least 5 links! Feel free to consider yourself tagged, or a recipient of one of the above awards, anyone who visits my blog makes my day and is rockin’! Let me know if you respond on your own blog.