We met up last weekend with some friends to make sushi. I haven’t made my own sushi since I lived in Canada, but it’s just like riding a bike and not easy to forget. It didn’t end up being the most beautiful of creations, so sushi chefs don’t look! But it was delicious and the kids had a great time, so did the adults. Here’s a page I did with a photo one of the moms shared with me.

The digicredits are Heather’s Asian Mists minikit.

This closeup makes me laugh, the sticky rice on Tara’s hand, the lovingly made yet slightly crumpled rolls, and the fact that there’s a box of store-bought sushi. It was meant as an appetizer, not a back up!

sushi closeup

If you want some instructions to make your own, check out this doodled instruction sheet or Zakka Life Craft’s spam sushi tutorial or the more professional Sushi Now (we most definitely did not follow their ettiquette guide!)