Jaylene and I have been designing our own mazes for quite some time now. It’s now tough for me to create a maze that takes less time to draw than it does for her to solve. I’ve been thinking of ways to move on to the next level and create our own board games. I currently have one brewing in the back of my mind that is supergirl themed. It’s a bit complicated though so I think I’ll adapt the princess game that was played at Jayden’s party first. Here’s a shot of the kids playing the princess game.


I also have visions of a sort of 3D/multi-level snakes and ladders type game. It involves sliding down rainbows and rising up on clouds. I’ve got the materials to make it, just need some time to figure out the logistics.
Bare Books Games
A friend recently sent me a link to Bare Books and I love the idea of their blank foldable board. If you’re not up to making games, Board Game Geek has amazing lists of games available, organized by ages.

Have you made any games? Do you have any tips? What family games do you recommend?