We have a few mantra’s that get chanted whenever someone in our family gets ill. Usually I’m the one dispensing these pearls of wisdom but unfortunately I’m the one who is currently suffering with a cold. These are our reminders:

Drink more hot water.
Wash your hands.
Go to bed early.
Go sleep in the living room! (it’s a quarantine effect)
Don’t eat anything cold (that includes bananas and oranges, it’s a Chinese thing).
Don’t eat anything with sugar.
Blow, don’t sniff.
Do you need a tissue?
Don’t cough unless you’re gonna cough something up.

That last one, is a bit gross, but usually I can adhere to it. However, with this cold, I actually found myself googling “Uncontrollable coughing” at 2am in the morning a few nights ago. I’d been getting terrible coughing spells about every hour during the night, which makes it difficult to get rest. The result of my late night searching was finding this site about how to Cough with control. Some good tips are to be found there.

I’m getting better, and only waking myself up about 3 times a night now. I might be allowed back into the bedroom soon, as long as I keep avoiding bananas and drinking hot water. What home remedies do you follow?