The party was a success! What originally started out to be a couple of families over to play in the park, morphed into an enthusiastic event with a dozen children and about as many adults. We still planned to hold it in the park, but cold weather made us change our minds and we ended up having it in our community recreation room.

Here’s the birthday boy, looking all solemn.

Playing with his buddy Keanu. I’m guessing they’re attempting Cops and Robbers because Jayden is on the police bike, but is Jayden aprehending him or giving him tips on how to get away faster?


These riding toys were a hit with everyone.

Of course I wasn’t about to force my lack of cullinary skills on two dozen people, so we ordered pizza. I think the littlest one in the bunch enjoyed it the most.
She practically started crawling when she saw my cupcake!

Instead of presents, we accepted donations for the HIV+ babies at Harmony Home. The older kids had fun helping Jayden open them up and hopefully they understood the concept of the donations.

To see more pictures go to the Flickr set, there’s 99 of ’em. Unfortunately they’re not that great as the camera was dropped and split open recently. But they capture the essence of the day.