So many ideas, so little time.
Word Necklace

Word For Word Necklace
I think this would be a good idea for Jaylene to make best friend necklaces for some of her buddies who are/have moved away. Unfortunately we don’t have any funky colored plastic lids lying around. I’ll have to improvise.

Chore dice
Chore dice
Great idea to make cleaning up fun. We have supersized foam dice that we could just tape the chores too, rather than fiddling with the paper šŸ˜‰

Artwork as Jewelry
I can see a whole line of Jaylene’s supergirls in jewelry!

Finger puppets
Finger puppets
And super girl finger puppets! We could make up a ton of different designs out of chipboard, and Jaylene could use them to entertain her brother while in the car.

Car puppets
Oooh, the finger puppets could have accessories… I think I might need to sit in the back too, it’s going to be fun.

The Attribute game sounds like a good one to play while in a restaurant. However, it will have to wait until Jayden stops popping everything in his mouth.

And we’re visiting a house that has a microwave, so perhaps we’ll try Homemade Puff Paint Oops, just saw it requires self-rising flour. Been looking at flour recently as we just bought a bread maker (yum!) but haven’t seen self-rising.

Jek always has fun things to do. I like this idea of folding painting and folding again.