I tried to get a picture of my sweet children with Jaylene’s dyed eggs, but Jayden was not in the mood. This was the best I could get from him.
Jayden and easter egg

I was one of five people providing the treats that were sought after in the maze (our version of the traditional egg hunt). So I made 63 treat bags and Ahji got recruited to stand in the maze and hand them out as people “found” him. It was a really hot job!

Ahji and Easter treats

Here’s Rain munching on one of the treats.
Rain and treat

The treat basket we brought was used as a photo prop of course. Here’s Keanu posing.
Keanu and basket

Here’s a shot of Jaylene and Jasmine about to head into the maze. It’s the beginning part so it looks nice and wide. But once you get in it’s all narrow paths that often result in dead ends. And you can’t see over the top, so it’s not for the claustrophobic!
Jaylene and maze

I think Jaylene’s favorite part was the organized games that Joanne shared. She played “Duck, Duck, Goose!” with her dolls that night and we figured out a hand version of “What time is it Mr Wolf?” that we can play while waiting in lines.

Jaylene and games

Good friends, good weather (finally!) and a good time! For more pictures click here:
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