It's not aloe vera

I don’t know what the above plant is (anyone know?) and I don’t have a shot on hand of aloe vera. Which is what we’re needing to use tonight! We spent all day at the Easter Party. Jayden only put two rocks in his mouth. Ahji climed trees and handed out our 63 treat bags in the middle of the maze.  Jaylene was reintroduced to “Duck Duck Goose” and loved it so much that she played it with her toys this evening. I did a “May I take your photo in an Easter Bunny Hat” project (ohh, that was fun!) and then after all that we went to a Flower Market with friends. I’m glad I talked my husband out of taking a family bike ride along the river.

Has anyone used these products? They seem like a lot of fun…
Prima Princessa
A ballet video that shows real ballet, simplified and also how to do the moves.
Family Fluxx
A game that changes rules as you go along.