When Jaylene was born, her Canadian grandmother made her a gorgeous quilt in Winnie the Pooh colors. She has slept with it almost every night since. It has traveled across the globe and has been the source of many imaginative play sessions. On our trip back to Canada in February, Jayden received his quilt.


Isn’t it divine? Obviously this picture was not taken in Canada as there isn’t a snowflake to be seen. We brought it to the park last weekend. He looks so adorable all tucked in it at night before he goes to sleep and kicks off all his covers. Not to be left out, Jaylene was blessed with another quilt from her Nana and she even got to see the finishing touches put on it while we were there for our visit.


It’s a rag tag sort of quilt, and Jayden adores playing with the fringe. Jaylene and I curled up in it together during the cold winter nights as we read Charlie and The Chocolate Factory together. It became a ritual for us, cozy up, read a chapter and then eat some Willy Wonka candy.

Speaking of Candy, the Easter Bunny will be hopping to our home in a few hours. We have the basket all ready, although none of the other decorations went up this year. We just took down the Christmas tree on Leap year day so I didn’t trust myself with any other seasonal goodies this year. But I did buy some new wire baskets and we’ve been having faux egg hunts with them. The faux eggs are actually ball pit balls, as you’ll soon see.


We do have some pretty pink, white and green balls, but the Easter photo shoot wasn’t planned. Notice the lovely. long hair Jayden has. Well, that was last weekend. He got it cut this morning. And Jaylene made the surprising request to get her hair cut as well, because it’s getting hot. We’ll wait a few days on that one though, to make sure it’s really what she wants.

Another surprising anouncement was made by Jaylene yesterday. Her love/obsession with princesses has been delegated to second place in her heart! First place goes to “Super Girls” because they can go fast and get to wear capes. She’s been acting out the super girl routine for a while now and I guess it’s here to stay. What shall I do with her tiara collection?

(Frames by SFreeman)