Sometimes Jaylene makes diary entries at school. Here was yesterday’s:


Click on the photo to see it in a larger, more detailed size.

Translation: Today I am very happy because I’m going to go to the Parent’s information meeting. I am so happy.

The picture depicts a heart saying “Parent’s information meeting” a movie screen with a snowman on it (part of the festivities planned for the following evening) and Ahji and I sitting on chairs at a green table (love the perspective!). All her tiny classmates are there as well and she’s labelled the teachers. Apparently she was thrilled to go to a meeting that neither Ahji nor I ever intended to attend. It’s for the new parents, and Jaylene’s been at that school for about four years now.

Here’s today’s entry
Translation: Today I am sad because my daddy won’t let me go to the Parent’s information meeting. I am very sad.

You can almost hear the “woe is me” lament just jumping from the words. In this picture, I’m holding her hand as we leave the school on a starry night. Her father is leading us away from the school (note the slide!) and the tears are streaming from her face.

Poor thing! But there’s really no need for us to sit through 2 or more hours of information we already know. The teachers’ have generously offered us the movie for the weekend so that she won’t miss out on it. Still, the tears predicted on the diary entry were flowing as we left tonight. Fortunately an impromptu playdate with a neighbor helped her forget about the fun she was missing out on.