Handmade Headbands

Jaylene had her second haircut in her life just before Jayden was born. I wasn’t about to deal with the “hair issues” we tend to have, after a newborn joined our family. I made it seem like it was her idea, so she hasn’t blamed me for what she believes is the worst decision she’s made in her entire 6 years of life. Thankfully hair grows fast but she’s at the point where her former bangs are always dangling in her eyes. So I plan to make some of the above to help her out (or should I say, help her hair out of her eyes). Of course, by the time I finish, her bangs will be down to her feet, but hopefully the headband will still be useful.

And a note about the little guy (who needs a hairband himself!), he’s sick again. This time it’s a flu of some sort that causes a fever and upset tummy. And I’ll use that as my excuse for not sharing photos in a timely manner. But I have finished and sent off a few swaps recently so I’ll share some paperart too in the near future.