My, ahem, darling husband, decided he needed to take a lap top to Canada so that he could play computer games while taking a break from frolicking in the snow. He took mine (of course). And, unbeknownst to me, reinstalled the OS. Fine, whatever that means. Now that we’re back, I discover it means:
*he’s deleted all my favorites. All. Of. Them.
*he’s deleted all my software. All. Of. It.
*all my saved passwords are gone
*all those cookies you can’t eat are gone
*he’s also gone and broken the cable that conects to our portable harddrive, which means:
*no pictures

So, I’ve been slowly getting him to reinstall things for me. Usually my computer issues are not a high priority to him, although he feels slightly guilty for deleting it all, so it is getting done. But as I was passed out for most of the last week, it’s been slow going indeed.

And no, he didn’t get me anything for Valentine’s day. Like I told him, it’s a good thing I love him more than my favorites. Just barely.