We can’t decide which is more fun, sorting the little beads into containers or actually creating with them. It’s pretty much a tie 😉


Last year a friend of ours introduced us to the joy of fuse beads. One brand is Perler Beads, which Jaylene can not for the life of her remember. She insists on calling them curler beads. We spent the weekend making up these little goodies while Jayden was napping.

Jaylene’s first creation, her own design:

My first creation, from the Perler Bead website:


My design of a J


And Jaylene had to do one too


Jaylene’s design of a star


I bought the beads because I’d picked up a very cool book. We thumbed through the book when we started creating, but decided to try easy ones first. The beads were outrageously priced and I’ll have to look for a discount bulk jar when we’re in Canada. I’ll need to get a larger pegboard so that Jaylene can do tinkerbell and ariel.

I need to be able to figure out how to fuse them together more easily. I’m sure my difficulties are mainly because it requires using an iron. Our iron got more action this weekend than it has in it’s entire life!

Glitter circle frames by Graziela Mendes and glitter scalloped frame by LJD