Everything’s okay now.  Jayden woke up Jan 1st with the right side of his head all swollen and nasty crusties everywhere.  We took him straight away to the nearest largest hospital as all the smaller clinics in our town were closed.  They didn’t have an eye doctor on hand and offered to send us to their Taipei branch by ambulance or we could drive ourselves to a different, yet closer hospital.  We chose to drive ourselves and then spent all morning in the emergency room.  He’s got some sort of eye infection, probably pink eye. Poor little guy. He’s doing much better now with the antibiotics. They say what you end up doing on New Year’s day is what you’ll do all year round. So I guess the rest of our year will be finding out things are O.K. 😉 Happy New year y’all.

I promise not to post the nasty eye pictures, but here’s a few more holiday layouts.

Quick page by retrodiva.


Paper from the free Two Peas kit.

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Another weeds and wildflowers quick page