Well, got hit by a Christmas cold/flu and it was a doozy. Went to bed almost as soon as I got home each night for over a week. But I’m feeling better today and the cold front we’re experiencing means I got to stay home with the little guy. While he was napping I got *all* the Christmas scrapping done. I don’t think I’ve ever scrapped all the events of a Christmas in my scrapping life. I get caught up in the (self-inflicted) pressure of doing an adequate job of such memorable events. This year, I used quick pages (designed by others, with spots for my own pics) and now I’m done! I think I’ll use this method to catch up on other years too.

Starting in November, we went to the Hyatt for their Christmas tree lighting. The lighting for pictures is terrible so I have another layout or two that I would like to do, but that’ll take more time to adjust the photos. I can’t wait to do the eyeball guy one though.

Hyatt Santa

The next event was making Christmas Sugar cookies and Oreo crumb brownies at Brenda’s house. Gosh we love her full size oven.



I was a bit worried that we were going to have a Halloween themed Christmas but I managed to get the decorations down. Then we had an impromptu decorating party with some friends who stopped by. They had never put up a tree before and it was fun all around. Our snowman and snowflake themed tree is a lot of fun for Jayden’s first Christmas.

Tree Star

Decorate Tree

Deck The Halls

And it didn’t take Jayden long before he figured out how to reach the low-hanging danglies.

Tree Trouble

We had yet another cookie making party, this time gingerbread and at Alicia’s house. She also has a great full sized oven, and three adorable girls.

Making Cookies

The (ginormous) box from the grandparents arrived. Nana has accomodated our need for instant gratification and notes which boxes we’re allowed to open *right* away. This year it was golden wrapped goodies.

Gold Box

On the 21st we went to Jaylene’s school party. I taught them how to make mini scrapbooks. Lots of chaotic fun. Check out the “air Santa”.


Saturday morning Jaylene had the choice of opening the rest of Nana’s box or family presents. She chose Nana’s box. Lots of goodies from Nana, Bappie and Gramma Pat. Thank you all!

Nana's Box copy

Monkeying Around

Sunday was a fun parent pages party, but I can’t find the pictures on the hard drive. We’ve seriously got to organize our photos and figure out a better downloading system.

In the afternoon we opened family presents. Considering how I was feeling, most packages were just recycled shopping bags with deco tape on them. No one noticed! hahaha

Family Presents

Christmas Eve had us attending our Mommy and me music class. Then we rushed home to open up Nana’s Christmas Eve box. Then it was straight to bed as we weren’t feeling well. Christmas morning Santa left stockings filled for everyone, including my mother-in-law who unexpectedly stayed overnight. Then off to work and school (except for Ahji who took a day off). That night we had dinner out and then straight home to bed. I don’t think we took any pictures those days (because I’m the main photographer and I wasn’t focusable!).

But now we’ve all recovered and ready to bring in 2008. Best wishes to all!

Most of these quickpages were done by the Weeds ‘n’ Wildflowers design team.  They have it up in their store as a charity kit.