Weather Wiz Kids

Jaylene was asking how fog was formed the other day. Gives you an idea on how clear the skies have been around our house. In the winter it feels like we’re living in a cloud sometimes. Anyway, I gave her some vague answer about how it had to do with cold and hot air and moisture in the air. I also told her I’d look into it. That means I googled it, and came up with the above link for explaining weather to kids. So now if you ask Jaylene how fog is formed she’ll say:

There’s water in the air and, and, … and it, the.. then the cold comes from the north and then it goes by the cold and it gets foggy.

Hmmm, guess we have to work on it still ’cause she seems a bit “foggy” on it still (groan!). She should have said, fog is formed from warm air, usually from the south, moves over colder ground. The air cools, and condenses and fog is formed.