After the weekend we had, we deserve a couple of treats! Did I mention that Ahji’s cellphone fell out of his belt clip-on bag just before the typhoon started? Or that the wind blew his glasses right off his face and into the wild blue yonder? Those be pricey goodies to replace… Anyway, the treats of choice around here are doughnuts, mmmmm. Both of these shops opened up right at our metro station. We have a favorite of the two though… any guesses? It’s Japanese and they wrap their napkins in wax paper. The lines at these stores in some parts of town can be so long that there are “Doughnut runners”, that is, people who stand in line to buy doughnuts for you. Yup, you guessed it, it’s Mister Doughnut for us. My favorite is angel cream and Jaylene’s is anything with chocolate in it. I remember that one of the things I was dying to eat when I took a trip back home to Canada a year ago was a doughnut from Tim Horton’s. I did get one (unlike the trip before when I forgot to!), but it was very disappointing. Much smaller and less yummy filling than before. Mister Doughnut definitely surpasses ole Timmy’s so I’m thrilled with the latest craze that has swept over Taipei. Speaking of Canada, Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian family and friends. And to the rest of ya too!


Frame by Kim B.