I made up a brag book about a party we went to last year.

The cowboy is Jaylene’s fiance, they’ve been engaged for about a year now, with a small breakup a couple of months ago. Apparently everything is okay now.


This little guy is a cutie, and Jaylene’s good friends with him and his older sister.


And here’s our little princess:
14 copy

When considering her options for costumes this year, she said, “Hmmm, maybe I can be a princess or a fairy.” Guess she’s going to be what she’s been every year so far!

Credits: The vintage portrait cards are by Bob The vintage polaroid frame is a photoshop element thing, the cartoons are from vintage card fronts and the rest was done by me!

There’s another super typhoon scheduled to hit this weekend. No one I know has ever heard of a typhoon in October – absolutely crazy!