I had the hardest time working with these frames which is why this post is so delayed. As a result, I ended up using some screen captures and I have no desire to hunt down the credits.

A couple of weekends ago, Ahji joined 20,000 swimmers in the quest to swim across Taiwan’s largest lake. Of course we went along for the ride (5 hours one way…).
The Carnival
The sign says the temperature of the lake was 25 degrees C, but later reports said only 15.
The details
Ahji said the first ten or fifteen minutes was really stressful to swim and he kicked several people by accident, and was kicked by others a few times. He got up at 5am to swim, which meant he beat the heat, but the water was cold.
The crowd
There was a lifeguard station every 100 meters where you could rest, or drink water or get helpful advice such as what Ahji overheard: “the whole swimway is a portable toilet, pee wherever you want.”
The lifeguards
Former Mayor of Taipei, Ma Ying Jyeo, also participated. One of Ahji’s teammates had the misfortune of swimming too close to the famous politician and got pushed away, while swimming, by his bodyguards.
The team
It took Ahji between an hour and a half and two hours to swim the 3.3 km. He’s looking forward to next year’s attempt.
Unfortunately, two people died during this event and our hearts go out to their families.