I’m supposed to be packing for our upcoming trip. I hate it because even though I keep it to a bare minimum, Ahji always complains I pack too much stuff. I think he forgets that we’re travelling with two small children, one of which is a baby. And just because he can wear the same clothes five days in a row, doesn’t mean I feel comfortable doing so. While in the midst of procrastinating from this dreaded task, I came upon a recommendation for these PackIt Up envelopes by Eagle Creek:
I would love a set for each family member (excluding Ahji of course, as he doesn’t change clothing). Hmmm, perhaps now I know what to get him for Christmas, heheheh.

Also, while I’m on the topic of shopping. I think the idea posted at parenthacks to have these wristbands made up with the parents’ cell phone number debossed on it, is a fabulous idea. We were helping watch my 8 year old nephew on the weekend and he ran away more than 4 times in 3 hours! Jaylene has important numbers memorized but in a scarey situation the mind plays tricks on people.

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