First of all, Happy Father’s Day! In Taiwan the word for 8 8, (ba ba) sounds like the word for Father (ba ba). As a result, the 8th day of the 8th month is Father’s Day. Unfortunately we haven’t celebrated it in our house yet as we’ve been battling typhoons (another one on the way) and Jaylene has been home sick with a fever and sore throat. When we do feel up to the festivities I’ve got a no bake cheesecake that Jaylene and I will put together for Ahji, and I’m hoping that she’ll pick up some goodies she made at school when she returns today. And if my dad is reading this… Happy Father’s day Dad!

This is a layout I’ve been working on in bits and pieces since the newest Lifts With A Twist was announced. I really liked the idea of a black and white photo with the file folder.

To Do list Layout

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