I hope y’all are not yawning ’cause you’re bored of my digiscrapping attempts. Here’s what I did today:


Yellow Dot Paper, Scalloped Border: retrodiva (Tracy Collins)
Scallop Frame: pri salles
White Frame: KSharonKDesigns
Blue Dot Paper: Rhonna Farrer
Blue Stripe Paper: Angie Briggs
Scallop Ribbon: Angela Niehaus
Swirl: petit moineaux.
Alpha (Festival): The Shabby Princess

Gosh, he’s so small there, he can’t fit that outfit anymore. He’s already wearing some of Jaylene’s baby clothes that she wore when she was 6-9 months old! The pictures were taken in poor light, so I tried to get all artsy with them in photoshop. I desaturated them and then played with the colors a bit. Everything took *forever*!

Next up is a blog header.