My husband buys only one brand of socks. They’re black and have a tiny pair of feet on the ankle and the brand “Hang Ten”. He buys them from a vendor in the night market for something like a dollar a pair. His reasoning is that he doesn’t have to worry about if they match or not.  Apparently he doesn’t mind if they easily end up with a hole or two in them either!

It’s a mentality scarily similar to a memory I have of my Dad that dates back to my teenage years, when I realized he only wore MacGregor socks in shades of solid black or blue. He might have even had a couple of crazy brown pairs, but I’m not sure. I don’t know if my dad’s sock drawer is still the same today, but I kinda think it is. My mom only wore anklet socks with a pompom at the heel. At the time I thought they were so dorky, but now I realize how cool pompoms are and secretly wish I owned a pair myself.

Jaylene’s sock drawer (which is actually a hanging shelf in her closet, easy access so she can put her own darn socks away) is filled to the brim with brightly colored socks of all sorts. She also has a bag filled with those that have “no brother”. I have a few loners in there myself, but of course hubby Ahji has none.  

 I stumbled across this site which is filled with fabulous socks created from four funky “color waves” and are sold in pairs of 3! Purposely mismatched socks. I love this idea. And her pjs are adorable as well. I can’t wait to show Jaylene this site and see if she’ll go for the idea of wearing mismatched socks to school tomorrow. She’s gonna have fun with the game part of the site too.

My challenge to you (and myself) is to create some art this week that is “mismatched” yet still fun on the eyes. And if you feel up to it, wear mismatched socks while you’re out and about. Bonus points if you post a picture on your blog of your mismatched socks worn in a noticeably public place.  I’ll send off some envies of mismatched paper scraps to some (you never know, maybe all) of the participants.  You have until the end of the month to post a pic or send me a link. 

Go forth and mismatch!