I’ve started a series of collages based on a metallic circular canvas. Any clues on what it is? Here’s one of the circles.

Starry garden

Ah, ignore that line down the left side, forgot to edit it before I uploaded. I colored the metal with alcohol inks and then stamped on it, added rub ons and mesh and little rhinestones.

Actually it’s the second circle collage I made, but the first one is currently entered into a contest so I can’t share it at the moment. I have a bunch of others in various stages of creation which I hope to finish up this weekend. We have four days off in honor of dragonboat festival. Of course, such a long weekend means we’re stuck with only a one day weekend right after it, but then I’m on summer vacation! Woohoo.

Edit: Thanks France for the lighter scan. Yup, it’s a tin lid. This one is from a powdered milk can.