I absolutely adored Baby Legs the minute I saw them. However, I had no intentions of having another wee one at the time. Well, as we all know that changed! I hadn’t gotten around to buying a set (or five) yet. Then I saw a link on Parent Hacks for homemade ones! I immediately started looking for woman’s knee length socks, having seen them all around before when I wasn’t interested in buying a pair. Of course they immediately became elusive and it took me weeks before I found some. They were only in black and white, so I’m still on the hunt for some funky striped ones. Here’s what I came up with though:


I’m proud of the cloning out I did in the top left corner. Did’ja notice it? Can you see it now that I’ve mentioned it?

And here’s a close up, check out those little piggies.


While I’m bragging about my photoshop skills, the above shot was spliced together from two different photos. One foot was blurry on each so I just combined them. Had to work carefully in order to match up the diaper and the towel wrinkle.