Well, I *think* Ahji has helped me with all I needed help with. And lucky for me he installed the English browser. Guess he was tired of helping me everytime something new popped up. He even actually suggested I learn some Chinese characters! Gasp 😉 Actually, I really do need to study more seriously.  I only have a year and a bit until Jaylene’s in elementary school, and I won’t have the leisurely pace of communication with her teachers then that I enjoy now. But I digress.

I’m cleaning out my art room, a job I’ve been working on for ages. My goal was to have it finished before Jayden came along, but that didn’t happen. But I’ve been trudging on, and making a decent dent in it, I think/hope. Today I sorted out a large plastic bin of things set aside for trades, and transferred the items to a drawer I had cleaned out earlier. Then I used the empty bin to store winter clothes and “not until I lose some baby fat” items. My closets can breathe now! But where shall we store the 2×3 foot bin now that I don’t want it in the middle of my art room? I digress, yet again.

Another goal for this weekend was to wrap up items I’ve had set aside for friends. Now that I’m able to get out to the post office I really want to send these packs of cheer on to their intended recipients. This is one card that I made today for one of the packages.

Sunshine card

Actually I finished it up today by adding the chipboard, ribbon, primas & brads. I had already made the base earlier by gluing some scraps on.  After finishing a project, I’ll use the leftover scraps to make card backgrounds because I’ve already spent the time color cordinating them and I hate to waste any pretty paper. I don’t do it all the time, which is evident by the mounds of paper scraps inhabiting my art room, which is why I need to clean it out!