Please bear with us while we deal with a transfer of computers (read, it will take a while for Ahji to get around to helping me install all the necessary gadgets I need to survive on the net).  I have a new, fancy computer now, heck it even has that nifty thing they call “sound”.  I’ll be cruising podcasts galore. I get to take the old laptop to work, which means my efficiency will drop but I’ll be up to date with my favorite blogs!

However, until my personal computer genie actually grants my wishes, I’m without a scanner, photo uploader for the camera, office and a variety of other programs I *really* would like to have installed. 

Oh, and the browser on this computer is in Chinese which makes it difficult for me to figure out what’s what.  But did I mention it has sound? 

 I will announce the winners as soon as I can upload a picture of the prize.  Hmmm, if I upload it to the old computer, I could email it to myself, and upload it to the new one…