Friday night we received a box of goodies from the Canadian grandparents. Inside was some new swim gear for the kids. Saturday we took an impromptu trip to the beach and Jaylene got to try out her funky new suit.
She wasn’t too sure at first about the “holes” in the side, but decided they were okay.
The water was a bit salty for her, but she still had a blast swimming around with us and playing with her shark. Then it was time for some sand creations.
swimming pool
She wanted to make a swimming pool and her dad helped her out before going off to practice his swimming technique some more. She decided that his pool was too small, and it was quickly being washed out from the incoming tide. So Mommy came to the rescue and dug out a gigantic swimming pool that she could fiddle around in. Gosh, my arms are sore today!

with daddy
Jaylene and I slathered on sun screen and wore shorts and t-shirts over our suits. Ahji refused to wear any sunscreen and predictably got burnt. Jaylene lectured him quite a bit about that!

We’re definitely going to this beach more often. It’s free, not too crowded, clean and fairly close by. The shore is a bit rocky but not too bad.

After our beach trip, we went and joined some friends for Shabu Shabu (hot pot dinner). Here’s a photo Ahji snapped while we were waiting. The green fabric is Jaylene’s doll sling.

Then they came to our house to play on the community playground and we were treated to a massive firework display from the neighboring temple. It was amazing to see the fireworks so close, but a bit noisy for the kids.