On Saturday we went to SanShia to take a hike in the mountains and play with the fireflies. We saw lots of other creepy crawlies… gigantic snails, leapin’ lizards, centipedes and whatnot. The fireflies were definitely the more elegant of the lot. I find them magical, they remind me of fairies and other mystical creatures. Ahji was designated firefly catcher and Jaylene carefully scrutinized each one to determine whether it was a boy or a girl. Boys have two lights while girls have only one.

As it’s a bit hard to take a decent picture of a firefly in the dark and rain, so all I have to share with you is the sign. I’m sure you don’t want to see the shot we took of the centipede.


Our firefly co-hunters were a bit concerned that I was out and about as it hadn’t been a full month yet since I gave birth. They were worried about the rain falling on my head. I guess it’s a continuation of the tradition where the new mom isn’t supposed to wash for a month. I was more concerned about the hike… I’m really out of shape! Guess I better get back into the habit of actually doing exercise!