Let’s see if we can get the blogging engines running again.

To jump back into the swing of things, I’d like to start off with a giveaway. I’ll stick with one of my tried and true Asian Collage packs. I’ll include various paper ephemera (possibly dictionary pages, maps, book pages, magazine clippings, etc.), specialty papers, red envelopes, chinese coins, faux jade rings and any other goodies I have lying around.

How can you qualify for this particular prize? Well, my latest internet addiction is Facebook. It’s a networking community of sorts. I know that Allison and Nancy are members. If you want to be entered into the giveaway, then leave a link to your profile in your comment and we can be friends 😉 Here’s mine

My Facebook

Couldn’t post without a picture of my sweeties! Here’s one from his first visit from buddy Keanu (3 months).


And playing with his favorite sister.


Now, I can’t see Flickr photos at all, so let me know if you can’t either. I’m assuming it’s my lovely ‘puter’s problem. Hmmm, I can’t seem to preview my post either… here goes nuthin’!