Sorry guys, the daily posting will end now. In fact, I might be gone for a little while for several reasons:

1. I’m pretty sick, and the other two in the household aren’t much better.
2. I’m pretty pregnant, and it’s getting kinda uncomfortable.
3. Jaylene is requiring *a lot* of extra, undivided attention.
4. I haven’t done much crafting for the above reasons, and what I have done has mostly been all hush, hush, top secret, trying to meet the deadlines for the super awesome Asian Scrapbooking book that will be out on the market soon… I love working with free goodies knowing my creations are going to be published 😉

So mainly for health and family reasons I’ll be taking a break. But it will just be a break and I have lots of plans for this little spot on the web, including, in random order:
1. Monthly giveaways
2. Cute, strange and wierd packaging items
3. Signs of the times (funny Chinglish and inspiration for paper arts)
4. Kids crafts
5. Trips around Taiwan (it’s a beautiful place)
6. Featured artists, especially those with Etsy stores. (if you have any suggestions, please let me know!)
7. lots and lots of paper art… I have many ideas flowing through my head, lots of techniques to try, and oodles of supplies to use up.
8. and more!

So if any of the above interest you or catch your eye, don’t go too far away. I’ll see you later in April. Smiles!