We had a lazy day today. Saw the doctor in the morning and only had to wait an hour or so because we know a little trick. Our number was 11, which is actually double that because she’s an ob/gyn and does both sets of patients at the same time but on different number systems. However, we got to the hospital half an hour before it opened, so we were able to sneak in somehow a long time before our number was called. Next time our number is something crazy like 21 so we’re not going to show up until half an hour before the hospital “closes”. We’ll probably still have to wait an hour or so. Doc says everything is fine with our little boy.

After that we ran some errands and then stopped over at the white carrot festival. Couldn’t find a parking spot and didn’t feel like walking to the festivities so we kept driving and had a nice jaunt through the mountains. Then home again and I had a loooong nap. Shabu Shabu for supper (Japanese Hot Pot) and then home to do some cleaning up. That’s definitely not an interesting day, but it suits us just fine.

To make up for our somewhat boring life, here’s the top photos of my Flickr photostream as determined by that mysterious force… Interestingness.

Most interestingness'd photos of mine

1. Stationary Swap Sent, 2. Marchfairies, 3. Paper Quilt Project – A Day In My Life, 4. knitted Hello Kitty Instructions page 2

Happy weekend to y’all!