Tonight we stopped by the Kuandu Temple to check out their lantern festival.  The rain had stopped for a bit and we were able to stay dry while checking out the scenes.  To be honest, I was a bit disappointed but it could be that I’m grumpy, pregnant and exhausted…

 They had three large displays.  The front one was of piggies playing musical instruments and singing Kareoke.   It looked cheap and gaudy but as Ahji pointed out, was spot on for Modern Taiwanese fun.  They are Kareoke fanatics!

 The second display was half way up the mountain and was done in a Narnia sort of theme.  Jaylene loved it because of the fairies, mermaids and unicorns.

 The third display was more my style.  Lots of traditional craft and skills were shown, such as pottery, carpentry and how to make oil. Too bad it’s at the very top, that’s a lot of stairs!

Jaylene’s favorite part of the evening was burning the sparklers. I loved those as a kid and they’re still fun for the grown up me 😉

No pictures but the show is on until April 8th so we might go back again. If you went during the afternoon you could rent bikes (I recommend the DBK store, it’s the best) and check out the bird sanctuary and warf, then see the lanterns after sunset. A fun day trip.