I wanna be a cowboy

This photo is from our first trip to Canada six years ago. Ahji was pretty enthralled with the cowboy scene and we purchased a hat for him from this store. It’s a foldable one, pops right back into shape. Pretty convenient for the urban cowboy.

I remember when we were driving with my sister and her boyfriend in Calgary (cowboy homeland) and Ahji asked me if shoulder checking was a “cowboy” thing. I replied that it was a Canadian thing. My sister couldn’t believe what she heard and asked us, “Don’t they shoulder check in Taiwan?” Umm, no. That’s why I don’t drive in Taiwan!

Edited to add: Shoulder Checking is when the driver briefly glances over his shoulder in order to check to see if there is a vehicle in the place where he wants to move his own vehicle. Safety tip to prevent accidents.