baby favorites

1. ooh, 2. 12 Days, 3. tough hands, 4. Swaddled, 5. Luvs her Muv., 6. Untitled, 7. Bea & her rattle, 8. Mama and Baby II, 9. Proud big sis, 10. in the womb, 11. Lauren sleeping, 12. Swaddled, 13. David & Mama, 14. 4 days old, 15. Joshua, 16. Suspended, 17. doing the finger check., 18. Baby Drew – 9days, 19. Daddy’s hands, 20. new footie foot

One of the themes to my flickr favorites has been baby photos for obvious reasons. My interest in photography has increased immensely since Jaylene was born and I have high expectations for the pictures we’ll take of the new one. It’s just one way of the many ways I’m focused on preparing for the new life we’ll soon welcome.

Today we found out that a very special person in our family has passed away. A great loss is felt. And I feel so helpless that I’m on the other side of the world, far away from my loved ones who are experiencing the same loss. I can only give a phone call, an email, and a letter when I really want to give a hug, cook some comfort food, and cry together. When I told Jaylene, she thought of a plan to make cards with photos in them so that those left behind could look at them when they felt lonely. So that’s what we’ll do tomorrow.