It was a holiday today and we planned on going up YangMing Mountain and enjoying the flower festival and sakura blossoms. Instead, we shied away from the crowds and hung out at home, then went for a picnic in the park. We discovered a new playground which is a fabulous thing because they’re few and far between in the small town we live in.

Here’s a random picture from our Chinese New Year trip. We bought this poncho for Jaylene early on in the trip and she wore it every day and used it as a blanket during the long car rides. It’s fallen out of favor since we’ve returned home though because apparently it’s more fashionable for them to be shorter. We’ve been informed that Cherry’s doesn’t go down to her knees.


This photo was taken outside our lodging near Sun Moon Lake. The fresh air, quietness and a great price means we’ll stay there again if we’re ever in the area. I think that’s a first for any of the hotels we’ve stayed in during our New Year trips.

Back to work tomorrow!