I had great plans for staying home all Chinese New Year and nurturing the baby growing inside. However, when we found out a temporary Thomas the train museum was coming to Taiwan, I had no choice but to agree to travel down and check it out. As I mentioned on the journalling of the last layout I posted, Jaylene adores trains. So off we went. And so did a lot of other people as the event coordinators sold THREE TIMES the amount of tickets they were supposed to. Crowded! But it was worth it:


Jaylene only got to ride on one ride because we only found two.


The other one was a bit more elaborate, but looked like it would take two to three hours of standing in the sun to get to it. Needless to say we didn’t stand in line!

However, inside the musuem Jaylene found some more fun. There were interactive games and life sized models to play on.

ring toss



We also went to the “show” but it was all traditional Chinese magic. They didn’t even open up the big doors to show us the Thomas the train face. Jaylene still enjoyed the show (although there was great disappointment about the lack of a real Thomas) and she’s been acting as a magician/magician’s daughter lately.


The other highlight of the train festival for Jaylene was being able to ride on a real train. It was super crowded but we were lucky enough to get seats. People were pressed in like sardines and the heat was almost unbearable, but Jaylene enjoyed looking outside the windows. We’re hoping to plan a short train trip in the future.

Well, it’s off to play a family game of Mexican Train dominoes, and then I’m off to bed.