What a day! Things rarely go as planned and today was no exception. Oh well, Wednesday is a holiday, I’m looking forward to it! Instead of venting about my day, I’ll just share another layout that I made this weekend.

phone fetish

The nice thing about taking so long to scrap photos is that it gives you some insight about what comes later!

This layout uses a bunch of goodies I had in my stash and one of my current obsessions: Scallops! A friend sent me the scalloped circles and now I’m coveting the scallop punches. It’s hard to see the stamped images of bags and shoes in the scan, but it’s a lot clearer in real life. I rarely stamp on my layouts, so I’m glad to be able to do so on this one. It also uses another of my current obsessions, which I won’t point out as I’ll use it for determining the March giveaway. Come back early March to see what I mean 😉

Actually, I’m going to try and post once a day until baby boy arrives. That way you’ll know when he’s here. However, I’m known for starting projects with the best of intentions and never finishing so who knows if I’ll actually be able to do so. A little note about the little guy, usually babies get less active closer to the delivery time, but he seems to be getting more active. Even Ahji thinks he’s going a bit overboard on the turning around bit. Jaylene puts her hand on my tummy and says, “Woah, that was a BIIIIG one!” or “That was a funny one, bumpity bump.”